5 Best Indie Games on Steam Deck in 2022

Steam Deck is the most recent and cutting-edge portable gaming device for gamers. Its flexible yet small design can surprise some of gaming’s most demanding titles, such as Elden Ring and God of War. However, just because it can handle huge AAA titles doesn’t mean they’re the only ones you should play. A long list of amazing Indie games will undoubtedly bring hours of entertainment. In light of this, we’d like to look at the five best Indie games available on Steam Deck.

These games span many genres, providing a wide range of options. So, there’s something on this list to whet everyone’s gaming appetite. Moreover, rather than trawling through all available Indie game selections, you can rely on our list to deliver the best that is currently accessible. That includes games that have been validated to be Steam Deck compatible. These games are wonderful picks, but keep reading to find the best Indie game on Steam Deck for you.

1. Hades


Best Indie Games on Steam Deck

Hades is the ultimate hack and slash, rouge-like dungeon crawler and the best experience of its kind on Steam Deck. As the Prince of the Underworld, you have the abilities and weapons to break free from the underworld’s bonds and confinements. You will, however, receive aid from other Olympus gods along the route. They will, however, be present in spirit rather than physically at your side. That means you may unlock and use their numerous abilities for yourself.

That means you may tailor your abilities to those of other gods and tailor the gameplay to your preferences. Hades has over a thousand possible character builds, making the game extremely replayable and delivering a new fighting experience every time you play. When it comes to the best Indie games on Steam Deck, Hades is one you don’t want to miss out on. Whether you enjoy the genre or not, this game is undoubtedly a must-have for any player.

2. A Short Hike


Best Indie Games on Steam Deck

A Short Hike, a soothing adventure game, is one of the most highly rated indie games on the Steam Deck. The games cast you as Claire, a young bird that spends her days investigating and unraveling Hawk Peak Provincial Park’s numerous secrets. The game is entirely open-world, with an emphasis on exploration. You can follow the defined routes or travel off into the unexplored terrain to your heart’s delight.

The game’s overall aim is to reach the Hawk Peak Provincial Park peak. However, there is no need to rush because the game is designed to be experienced at your leisure. Furthermore, its melodious music will not make you feel pushed to proceed any faster than you desire. That means you may take your time soaring over cliffs, speaking with hikers, and exploring the many wonderful mysteries of Hawk Peak Provincial Park.

3. Stray


Stray is an Indie game, which may surprise you as much as it surprised us. According to Developers and Steam, both of which are fairly trustworthy sources. The third-person cat adventure game follows a cat that has been separated from his family and must now uncover an old secret to escape the crumbling cybercity. You must save yourself and find a way out by nimbly crawling, jumping, and chasing along paths only a cat can reach.

Stray is undoubtedly at the top of the list of charming Indie games. However, the game is more than simply a cat simulator; its storyline has gotten great acclaim since its release, with many calling it a well-rounded product.
Thus it’s a good thing that the game is thriving in that aspect since gamers have a weird affection for cats, so the anticipation surrounding the game was larger than expected. It’s even more intriguing knowing that Stray will be Steam Deck certified upon release. So, if you’ve ever wondered what a cat’s life is like, give Stray a try and find out.

4. PowerWash Simulator Early Access Launch Trailer


Simulators appear to be the newest wave of Indie games that people enjoy. You’ve certainly heard of Farming Simulator and Euro Truck Simulator, as well as noteworthy rip-offs like GOAT Simulator. As we’ve seen with Lawn Mowing Simulator and now PowerWash Simulator, the genre is expanding into increasingly more particular niches. As you might expect, it places a Powerwasher in your hands and mimics the experience of using it to clean various items.

Even though the game is a parody, PowerWash Simulator was launched on July 14th, 2022, and is already one of the highest-rated Indie games on Steam. Consequently, it is now one of the best Indie games on Steam Deck. The sole reason for this is that gamers can’t get enough of power washing dirt off automobiles, boats, houses, and other miscellaneous stuff. So please don’t play it before giving it a shot since PowerWash Simulator is a strangely systematic game that’s much more hilarious when played with others.

5. Neon White


Neon White was published on June 16th and is swiftly gaining traction as a new Indie game. The first-person platformer’s action centered around exterminating devils in Heaven. You play the role of Neon White, a hand-picked assassin from Hell entrusted with destroying these devils and earning the chance to live eternally in Heaven in the process. That is the goal at hand, and the game does it with lightning-fast gameplay and a one-of-a-kind card system.

Soul Cards were introduced to broaden the gameplay since Neon White is built on fast-running mobility and action. These provide new methods to strike your enemies, or you may discard them to gain new mobility abilities. This contains a unique strategy in which you creatively mix the cards to uncover shortcuts and new ways to conquer levels. Neon White, one of the best Indie games on Steam Deck right now, will certainly present you with a different form of experience.

So, what are your thoughts? Do you agree with our top five choices. Are there any more games best Indie games on Steam Deck that we should be aware of?


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