Proxies For School: 20 Best Proxy Websites for Schools

Best Proxy Websites for Schools: For the safety of the students, schools often restrict sites. It aims to reduce children’s access to hazardous websites. This is also done to save bandwidth among the hundreds of students who use the Internet for academic purposes.

However, occasionally schools mistakenly restrict websites that students need for their study. You may alert your instructor or contact the system administrator, but if it doesn’t work, your first choice is to acquire a VPN.

However, if you want to browse safely, you must pay for a VPN. We do not advocate using a free VPN since they may steal your data and make your internet connection sluggish. So, what are your options? Make use of proxy websites.

What Are Proxy Websites?

Proxy websites act as a middleman between your device and your ISP. They scramble and randomize your IP address in order for you to access a website that was previously blocked on the school’s internet.

However, you should exercise caution while using proxy websites since some are not encrypted and your data may be stolen. They also make your connection slower since they sit between your connection and your device. However, they are often the best option for a kid to access websites that the school has blocked.

20 Proxy Websites for Schools

Let us now have a look at 20 of the best proxy websites for schools.

1. DontFilter

It offers anonymous surfing and access to blocked sites. It is best for classroom usage since it is free and lightweight. It is clutter-free and focuses on ease of usage.

2. HideMyAss

HideMyAss is another favorite among school students since it allows for a quick internet connection and allows for the unblocking of numerous sites. It is mostly a VPN service that allows you to change your location and access most blocked websites.

3. Proxify

Proxify is a free and anonymous proxy website that allows the unblocking of over 1000 websites. Because of its ease of use, it is very popular among school students.

It employs TLS/SSL encryption to ensure the safety of your data. It offers a free basic plan as well as a premium pro plan.

4. CroxyProxy is a proxy server.

It is a free proxy website with an ad-free version available. It use SSL encryption to remain anonymous and defend against data theft. CroxyProxy is now available for Android Best Proxy Websites for Schools.

5. KProxy

KProxy is a proxy website that masks your IP address and allows you to securely access blocked websites. It also contains encryption to ensure that your data is not compromised when using it proxies for school.

The site is also free, enabling users to utilize it at their leisure. The basic plan’s features are restricted, but it does the job. The premium subscriptions include no ads and access to sites that are tough to block. These may be suitable for your requirements.

6. ProxyBoost

This website allows you to browse anonymously. It use American servers to circumvent blocked websites. It employs forged IP addresses to circumvent the restrictions imposed by your school’s administration.

7. Free Proxy

This is a free proxy website that allows you to change your IP address and browse blocked websites. It encrypts your data and conceals your IP address and location. They provide a large number of free proxy servers to pick from.

8. 4everproxy

This is a free proxy website that allows you to download at your leisure. It allows you to bypass geolocation restrictions put up by the administrator and is completely anonymous to use. It has been encrypted. Additionally, the site offers a VPN. Paid plans are also available Best Proxy Websites for Schools.

9. ProxFree

ProxFree is another SSL-encrypted proxy site that allows you to browse blocked websites anonymously. It also lets you change your IP address to any address in the world. It is a safe way to browse the web and unblock websites.

10. TurboHide

This proxy website is quite easy to use. It has a clean user interface that is free of advertisements. It also lets you browse anonymously and offers encryption.

Before you begin surfing on TurboHide, you may limit trackers, activate encryption, and delete cookies.

11. Proxyium

The best feature of Proxyium is the ability to transmit permalinks to others. These are unblocked sites, so the recipient may access the unblocked website without entering the URL into a proxy website.

The site is protected by SSL encryption, allowing you to browse anonymously and securely.

12. Megaproxy

It is primarily a VPN service provider that does not need you to install any software. It allows you to change your location and IP address securely in order to unlock and browse blocked websites.

The advanced version is available for roughly $10 for three months.

13. PlainProxies

PlainProxies is a free but quality proxy website that allows you to remain anonymous on the Internet. Residential proxies are available for a fee, starting at 30 euros per week.

The site is encrypted and allows for safe surfing of blocked websites.

14. Whoer

Whoer is well known for its IP checker, but it also offers a proxy site and a VPN Best Proxy Websites for Schools. With its tens of servers, its Anonymizer allows you to randomize your IP and search from anywhere in the world.

To unblock websites, you must first download the Anonymizer for your browser. You receive a free trial with a Dutch server, but you may pay to use servers in 21 countries.

15. Zyte

To unblock sites without being noticed, this site employs rotating proxies and AI-enabled surfing. It is a premium website with a free trial. Even students will find the price plans to be relatively reasonable.

It is an excellent choice for unblocking websites and extracting data.

16. Bright Data

Bright Data’s proxy servers are also a paid proxy service that is best suited for organizations and businesses, although students may profit from them as well.

Their plans begin at $10.50 per GB consumed. This is also an excellent alternative if you want to avoid shady websites and want direct customer service.

17. MyWebproxy

The interface of this site is remarkably similar to that of Turbo Hide. It allows for easy surfing while being anonymous and safe. It’s encrypted and incredibly easy to use.

18. ProxySite

Most filters placed by your school administrator may be bypassed using ProxySite. It is a favorite among students and offers an easy and straightforward interface. It is also free to use, which adds to its allure.

It is encrypted and allows anonymous surfing, so your employer or instructor will have no idea what you’re up to. You may begin using ProxySite by simply entering the URL you want to visit into the search field.

19. Ninja Search

This proxy website is easy to use and similar to a number of the other listings. It features a simple interface and is available for free to everyone. Simply enter the blocked URL and press the enter key.

NinjaBrowse also allows you to disable trackers and cookies before starting a search.

20. YellowProxy

YellowProxy, Best Proxy Websites for Schools like Ninja Browse and a few others on our list, allows you to remove trackers and cookies before searching the blocked URL. SSL encryption is also used to safeguard this site.


Many websites provide proxy servers and anonymous surfing, but it is up to you to do your own research and choose the best proxy website for your requirements. Use sites that have been around for a while, and always verify their trust ratings before utilizing them.


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