13 Best 2023 Minecraft Server Hosting Services

Best Minecraft Server Hosting Services: Playing video games is a fun way to unwind and have a nice time when you’re not working. Minecraft distinguishes itself from other video games because of its interactive features that interest players. Furthermore, Minecraft Server Hosting makes it easy for people to enjoy the game. In our time, Minecraft is the Super Mario.

What is Minecraft?

Minecraft is much more than a video game. Markus Persson and Mojang Studios designed it. It’s a “sandbox” video game with an adventure theme. The video game was removed in 2011 and has since grown highly famous.

In Minecraft, players may mine bricks to create 3D structures in any way they like. Several play modes are available, including battle, exploration, building, and a blend of games. Explore, acquire resources, create cubes, and battle to demonstrate your innovation. According to a Verge estimate, Minecraft has traded over 200 million copies and has 126 million active players.

A dedicated and secure server is required to enjoy Minecraft on your smartphone properly. It will provide you with more game control and excellent customization possibilities. It also lets you host multiplayer game modes without utilizing too many resources on your PC. Using a specialist Minecraft server hosting platform is preferable rather than building one yourself. Continue reading to see why you shouldn’t depend exclusively on words.

  1. Improved performance
  2. Better control
  3. Enhanced privacy and security
  4. Greater uptime and low latency
  5. Saving device resources

Here’s a quick rundown of the things we considered:

Dedicated IP Address: At Demandsage, security is a top concern. A dedicated IP address aids in the security of your Minecraft game server and protects it from DDoS assaults.
Price: Because most customers have a limited budget, we made certain that the hosts we suggest have reasonable prices.
Location: The location of the Minecraft hosting provider’s server might impact the server’s latency.
Backups: With quick setup, every hosting provider on our list restores your most recent backup from the control panel in seconds.
Seamless Setup: Any provider that made our testers irritated while setting it up did not make the list.
Modpacks and plugins: Allow you to customize the gameplay. All of our recommendations have a seamless setup with all of the popular mods available!

Best Minecraft Server Hosting Services in 2023

Here we list some of the best Minecraft server hosting services in 2023.

1. BisectHosting


Minecraft Server Hosting

It was founded in 2012 by two server owners. They wanted to offer the simplest and most dependable Minecraft server hosting experience possible. Because of the different server types, plugins, and modifications available, hosting Minecraft servers may be intimidating and difficult for beginning users. BisectHosting has focused on quick and friendly service since its inception. They aim to react to tickets immediately, day or night. It means you can spend less time dealing with server troubles and more time enjoying your gaming experience with friends.

When purchasing a server, you have numerous alternatives to choose from. CurseForge, FTB, Technic, and others provide different versions of Vanilla, Paper, Spigot, Forge, and numerous mod packs. If you change your mind later, no worries. You may change what is running on your server at any time.

Following payment, your server will be swiftly configured, and you will have access to BisectHosting’s user-friendly management panel. This panel has been altered to include features such as automatic modpack updates, a drag-and-drop file manager, and other useful tools for simplifying complicated chores. Power users will appreciate features like an in-browser configuration editor and configurable complete server backups.


2. Apex Hosting

Apex Hosting makes it easy and inexpensive to set up a Minecraft server. Choose the server version and size; they will install your server swiftly. You may change your package and server version at any time. Apex Hosting’s control panel, Multicraft, is simple to use and offers video tutorials. They made adjustments to make managing your account simpler. You may quickly access the console, change the server version, and adjust options.

With 1-click Modpacks, you can immediately install the greatest plugins. They deliver Xeon CPUs, fast SSDs for better Transaction Processing System (TPS), and always accessible servers. Apex Hosting offers the greatest gaming experience by using high-quality servers and data centers. They have 18 data centers worldwide to ensure quick connectivity for Java and Bedrock Edition players. Their servers employ cutting-edge hardware and have a 99.9% uptime guarantee.

Apex Hosting offers DDoS protection to protect your server from assaults, allowing you to enjoy gaming in a secure atmosphere. It can protect your server and IP address against DDoS assaults of up to 300 Gbps. In addition, you will get automatic backups to protect your data.

To avoid the need for dedicated IPs, Apex Hosting offers a free subdomain name for your server. You may also enjoy MySQL and FTP support. Use well-known platforms such as Sponge, Bukkit, Spigot, or Paper. Look into plugins like World Edit, EssentialsX, and others. Play mini-games and create maps. It is one of the top Minecraft server hosting providers to consider in 2023.



Minecraft Server Hosting

GPORTAL offers low-cost Minecraft servers with a simple setup and a RAM-based server paradigm. When you book, you may choose from over 250 mod packs and have them installed on your server. There are no difficult settings required.

Using their user-friendly online interface, you can effortlessly establish your preferences. It gives you all the freedom you need. You’ll also get free FTP and MySQL access. They take server user safety extremely seriously and leave no stone unturned. They enhanced their DDoS defense by collaborating with Corero.

GPORTAL guarantees 99.9% uptime for network and data center operations. They do this by having two facilities or data centers in each key site. These devices are linked through a ring connection and are supported by a second network hub. GPORTAL is in charge of its own network and data centers. They provide 24-hour help through phone, ticket, forum, wiki, and email for any problems or concerns. You enjoy gaming, and they take care of everything else. It is one of the best Minecraft server hosting businesses to look into in 2023.


4. GTXGaming

GTXGaming is an excellent option for hosting Minecraft servers. The control panel was developed with functions and features in mind, making it user-friendly for beginners. For expert players, it also offers sophisticated tools.

They provide many Intel CPUs, including strong E3 processors and the most recent i7 or i9. They also have the most recent and powerful AMD Ryzens. You may quickly switch from Minecraft to any GTXGaming-hosted game server.

GTXGaming has data centers in cities all around the globe, including the United States, London, Spain, Sweden, Australia, and Germany. To ensure user safety, their data centers are protected against DDoS assaults.

It’s easy to install Spigot with Craftbukkit! Utilize the mod manager and click once to install them. If you can’t locate any versions, you may have GTXGaming install them. Get comprehensive FTP access for expert players as well.


5. Host Havoc

Minecraft Server Hosting

Host Havoc’s enterprise-level hardware delivers unrivaled gaming performance. All subscriptions for seamless Minecraft multiplayer experiences include the newest Intel Xeon or AMD Ryzen CPUs and Intel U.2 NVMe SSDs.

Server provisioning takes just 30 seconds from the time we receive your payment. It is among the fastest in the business. Furthermore, Host Havoc is backward compatible with all mod packs. Their automated mod installation guarantees that Minecraft remains as pleasant as possible.

To avoid any loss of gaming progress, Host Havoc offers automatic backups. You also have FTP access, which lets you completely manage your Minecraft server. Host Havoc offers robust DDoS security to keep internet bots from overpowering gaming servers, assuring continuous pleasure. One fantastic feature of Host Havoc is the ability to add as many players as you like for free. However, they display the optimal number of players for the greatest gaming experience.

Host Havoc offers ten worldwide data centers and guarantees 99.9% uptime, making it an excellent alternative. This Minecraft server hosting is a dependable solution for everyone, with 24/7 live help and an average response time of less than 15 minutes. All subscriptions have a 72-hour money-back guarantee, allowing you to test them without worry.


6. GGServers


GGServers’ excellent server hosting will improve your gaming experience. It takes advantage of powerful CPUs to boost performance. Standard services offer up to 4GHz, while premium services provide up to 5GHz.

GGServers offers limitless storage for SSDs and NVMe. It also supports mudpacks and enables the quick and easy installation of desired servers with a single click. You may change server types and modpacks at any time. Java Edition, Bedrock Edition, PaperMC, Spigot, Twitch, FTB, Technic launcher, Forge, Bukkit, Voids Wrath, ATLauncher, Pixelmon, and Bungeecord are just a few of the server types that GGServers offers.


7. Hostwinds


Hostwinds provides budget-friendly Minecraft VPS hosting tailored to meet your needs. Customize your server using various CPUs, storage options, RAM sizes, and bandwidth capacities. It uses high-quality CPU cores and top-notch SSDs to ensure a smooth gaming experience.

Experience flawless network performance with Minecraft Hosting, ensuring uninterrupted gameplay without downtime or lag. When you order a server, you’ll receive great features like solid-state drives, 99.9999% uptime, 1Gbps ports, custom ISO’s, friendliness guarantee, multiple locations, enterprise firewall, and more. It is one of the top Minecraft server hosting services available in 2023.


8. Indifferent Broccoli

Minecraft Server Hosting

Indifferent Broccoli is a corporation that focuses on hosting game servers. With their easy-to-use management panel and seamless interaction with Discord, hosting your Minecraft servers is a breeze. They are new to the Minecraft hosting sector but place a high value on offering good customer service.

Indifferent Broccoli offers a two-day free trial and an easy one-click setup, making it a no-brainer to give them a go. You may start making Redstone circuits and shearing sheep on your server without needing your payment card.

They aim to make it easy to install modpacks, which might be complicated. If you encounter any problems, contact their support staff by Discord or email. They will help you set up RLCraft, FTB, Pixelmon, or any other mod you like.

Because of its server placements in these countries, Indifferent Broccoli is suggested for players in North America and Europe. They offer workstations with 64GB and 128GB RAM to ensure that their clients never suffer latency due to a lack of memory. Try Indifferent Broccoli if you need a server host for your Minecraft servers. They are welcoming, helpful, and realistic. You may sample it for two days for free, after which it costs $12 per month for a 2GB Minecraft server.


9. MCProHosting

With MCProHosting’s server hosting, you may start playing Minecraft right now. They are a premier platform that has been in operation since 2011. To enjoy a worry-free gaming experience, MCProHosting offers limitless disk space and resources. They now offer Android and iOS mobile applications, which will improve your use. As a result, you may administer your server from your smartphone. MCProHosting promises a 99.99% up time so that you can enjoy continuous gameplay without hassle. MCProHosting offers more than 21 data centers globally, covering Asia, Europe, and North America to ensure exceptional performance no matter where you are. You might use it as one of the best Minecraft server hosting services in 2023.


10. Nodecraft

Minecraft Server Hosting

Nodecraft makes hosting a Minecraft server simple. The bespoke interface, NodePanel 2, makes it simple, easy to use, and mobile-friendly. You may quickly replace and store any of the 28 games they offer, and there are no space constraints.

Create a modified server, customize settings, and quickly install plugins and modpacks. You may also use your smartphone to access its app. You may choose from over 100 mod packs on the panel, including Forge, Sponge, and Spigot. Continue enjoying your game while Nodecraft handles upkeep by automatic updates. With Nodecraft, you may avoid crashes and delays. They do not overburden servers by enabling up to 12 consumers on a single device.

As a result, CPU cores, RAM, and disk IOs are all conveniently accessible. They offer Xeon CPUs with speeds of 3.3+ GHz and 32 GB of ECC RAM, as well as enterprise-level 240 GB SSDs and hard drives. Their network is dependable due to DDoS protection and a 1 Gbps uplink.

The infrastructure of Nodecraft is built on Linux, which improves stability, speed, and security. They have a total of 13 data centers throughout the globe. There are four in the United States, one in South America, four in Europe, and four in Asia-Pacific. Consider it a top Minecraft server hosting service in 2023.

11. PebbleHost

PebbleHost is a low-cost Minecraft hosting option. A strong CPU (Xeon @ 3.7 GHz), quick DDR4 RAM, a 250 Mbps uplink, dependable enterprise-grade SSDs, and infinite slots are all included in the base package.

The data centers are situated in the United States and Europe. They provide free, high-quality hardware, multi-user support, Java 8 compatibility, job scheduling, and a subdomain creator. You may enjoy gameplay without interruption.

The control panel is easy to use and sturdy. It allows you to start, restart, or stop servers, perform commands, manage plugins, measure use, and more. You get access to a free MySQL database and complete FTP access. It is one of the most trustworthy Minecraft server hosting providers.


12. Sparked Host

Hosting your own Minecraft server for joy or profit may take some time. Sparked Host is preferred because of its ease of use, low cost, and powerful features.

Your server will be instantly set up after buying a service, which starts at $1.00 monthly. Once there, you may immediately begin playing with your Minecraft client. You may also further customize the server by installing modpacks or plugins. Regardless of your decision, their professional support crew will always assist you.

Sparked HostHost offers great value for money! Their servers offer cutting-edge hardware, so your project will function well on their platform, whether it’s new or has many players. Make certain that you choose the best plan for your needs. They also offer good tools and documentation to assist you in getting started fast. This is one of the most dependable services for hosting Minecraft servers.


13. RAMShard

Minecraft Server Hosting


RAMShard offers a unique blend of high-quality Minecraft server hosting at a low cost. All plans provide infinite slots, storage, and disk space. They have data centers across the United States, Europe, Oceania, and South-East Asia. They provide quick servers to people all around the globe. RAMShard offers fast NVMe and SSD storage, a 1 Gbps uplink, and high-quality business hardware to boost performance.

RAMShard offers an easy-to-use Multicraft 2.0 control panel, making account management simple. You may also plan tasks and access the MySQL database for free. DDoS protection, full FTP access, a free subdomain, and the option to utilize custom JAR files are all included. With the 1-click setup, you can start playing Minecraft right away.

Minecraft Server Hosting Service for You check now

What matters is how a Minecraft host functions in practise, not how good it seems on paper. Not every high-cost host is good, and not every low-cost host is bad. You may end up paying a high price for a host only to discover that it lacks all of the required features. As a result, before choosing the best Minecraft hosting, there are a few key criteria you need to consider.

Below are some crucial aspects that we considered when compiling this list for you. You may also rate each host based on these characteristics! Take a look at this:

Setup is simple.

Hosting a server alone may be difficult at times and requires the support of an expert. Fortunately, if your hosting provider offers simple configuration and setup, you may avoid the need for expertise and save time by rapidly configuring your server.


Finally, one of the most important variables you need to consider is pricing. Your hosting provider will give a variety of services like as maintenance, add-ons, plugins, and more, which are often bundled into a single package. Consider the pricing and features of a host before selecting one.


Web assaults are regular, and top-tier security from your hosting provider will keep you safe during these unwelcome times. You must ensure that your host provides DDoS protection as well as extra security options. Backups should also be considered since you need to be certain that you will never lose anything if anything goes wrong.

Locations of the game server

It is critical to examine the server locations provided by your host. When opposed to a host with a server located far away, having a nearby server location to your geographical area or nation will ensure a seamless Minecraft gaming experience.


Minecraft has high hardware requirements, particularly when running multiplayer games. The gaming environment will be optimized if you have enough RAM and the correct CPU. When hosting a Minecraft server, your host’s choice of hardware may make or break your experience!


Another important factor to think about is support. You may need assistance regardless of your level of expertise. Whether it’s a basic setting you can’t locate or reacting to a major problem, you’ll need the help of your hosting provider’s support staff. As a result, look at the customer support it gives and always choose the one that provides 24/7 customer support.

Final Thoughts: Best Minecraft Server Hosting in 2023

That concludes our list of the top Minecraft hosting companies!

Minecraft is a famous video game that lets you be creative and is fun to play. Server hosting services can assist you in enjoying the game you wish without any problems! You can never go wrong with any of the options on our list, no matter which hosting you choose. However, if you are overwhelmed by all of the options and need to make a rapid decision, we suggest Hostinger or ScalaCube. Both hosting services provide great Minecraft-specific functionality.

Ensure that the hosting provider you choose meets your demands and your budget in the end. We hope this list has helped you choose the best Minecraft hosting. Now it’s your turn. Which hosting provider are you considering? Tell us in the comments section below!


Which Minecraft Server hosting provider is the best?

Hostinger and ScalaCube are unquestionably two of our top selections for the finest Minecraft hosting provider. Both are reasonably priced and have all the features you need.

What is the most affordable Minecraft Server hosting provider?

Sparked Host is one of the most affordable pricing options for Minecraft hosting. You may acquire their plan for as little as $1.80/month and receive all of the features for hosting your server.

Which Minecraft Server hosting provider is the most dependable?

MelonCube and Apex Hosting have emerged as the list’s most dependable Minecraft hosting services. They offer multiple server locations, which makes your experience more seamless and speedier.

Is it possible to rent a Minecraft server?

Yes, a Minecraft server may be rented. This service is provided by a large number of hosting companies. hiring a Minecraft server is simply hiring a dedicated computer to operate your Minecraft game.
The cost of renting a Minecraft server is affected by many variables, including RAM, the amount of people, and the features needed. A tiny server with 1GB of RAM and 10 player seats, for example, will normally cost you approximately $5 per month. A bigger server with 8GB of RAM and 100 player slots costs roughly $50 per month on average.


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