Top 8 best Nanoleaf Alternatives in 2022

Here are our top selections for the Best Nanoleaf Alternatives in 2022! Nanoleaf light panels, earlier understood as Nanoleaf Aurora light panels, have become the common effect used by gamers and internet streamers nanoleaf designs. They are triangle lighting panels that users may connect and customize in various ways nanoleaf essentials. The goal is to create a personalized lighting experience that fits your home or personal mood.

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What is the Best Nanoleaf Alternative?

Surprisingly, these panels create the desired mood and effect. However, various alternatives are on the market due to their high price. This article will see some of the best Nanoleaf alternatives available on Amazon nanoleaf light panels. If you believe you don’t need a Nanoleaf panel for your home, consider the following arguments.

The Advantages of Nanoleaf Panels

Highly adaptable

The panels may be customized to fit or form any shape or pattern. They are available in various forms, including triangles and hexagons, with the most recent Nanoleaf alternative.

Experiment with Immersive Lighting

Nanoleaf panels create an excellent immersive lighting experience that allows you to create whatever effect you want. They typically have a 16 million color spectrum nanoleaf lines.

1. SELFILA Hexagon Homekit

best Nanoleaf Alternatives


  • Affordable
  • Useful as a lantern
  • Has magnetic merging occurred?


  • greater in size and thickness
  • Only a USB cable is used.

We believe the SELFILA Hexagon is an best Nanoleaf alternative because it can be turned into a light. Few lamps offer this capability, which allows you to replicate the look of a wall light on your bedroom or table.

Although the original Nanoleaf can adapt to the beat of the music, the SELFILA RGB lights allow you to tailor the light to your environment or mood. For example, you might create a multi-color effect for your party or a nice and quiet ambiance when reading. You may flexibly alter the effect to different situations while playing your favourite music nanoleaf elements.

You may also create unique layouts and customize the panels to any form. You may achieve the desired look for your space with this. Indeed, the SELFILA Hexagon is a fantastic and eye-catching light decoration for your bar, concert, studio, bedroom, party, home, or business facilities nanoleaf shapes.

The light is reasonably priced and a fantastic alternative because it is cost-effective. To get started, you don’t need any installation software or apps. To change the light mode, touch the middle of the panel. To turn it off, though, you must long-press the button nanoleaf essentials a19 bulb. The magnetic edges connect the LED lights as you build whatever structure fits your interior.

2. Yescom 11Pack

best Nanoleaf Alternatives


  • In Second Place
  • Voice commands are supported.
  • Automatic illumination
  • It may function as a light.
  • Energy-saving
  • Smart home compatible
  • Nanoleaf is a less expensive alternative.


  • You can only connect 10 blocks at a time.
  • It may be too small for certain people.

Yescom 11Pack best Wi-Fi Smart LED Light Kit is an excellent alternative to consider if you want quality light for your home or something to improve your online streaming. This Nanoleaf alternative is your most cost-effective and energy-efficient lighting option. The auto-brightening characteristics set it apart from other Nanoleaf lights. When you open your room door, the Yescom led light lights. To turn on the light, no light switch is required.

It is also compatible with any smart home system, built-in switch, or app. While there are various ways for configuring the light patterns, utilizing the app is the simplest. You can also use the smart home hub to run the established colour modes through the Yescom tiles nanoleaf hexagon.

This avoids the commotion associated with the clumsy app. However, if you want to create a large light wall, you should look at other options because Yescom is not the best solution. While other Nanoleafs led lights to let you connect more than 10 tiles, the Yescom tiles make this impossible.

However, if you wish to connect more than ten tiles, you’ll need a second or third power supply. Except for a power connection, the Yescom tiles lack a power block. If you use a charge port or power block that does not have enough power, the tiles will flicker while in use nanoleaf rhythm.

3. Nanoleaf Canvas Starter Kit

best Nanoleaf Alternatives


  • Simple to program
  • Any smart home works great.
  • Tile connections are limitless.


  • The app has various bugs.
  • Extremely expensive

The LED Nanoleaf Canvas Starter Kit is the first Nanoleaf alternative we deemed the best overall. It has a 16.8m colour spectrum and a Rhythm Module. Although it has many functions, it is relatively expensive for most people. However, it is touch-sensitive.

It comes with a variety of connector choices that allow you to create various shapes. It makes no difference whether you want to conceal your light tiles as a typical tile wall or not; the Nanoleaf Canvas Starter Kit makes it simple. The Nanoleaf Canvas uses the Nanoleaf WIFI app to configure the panel colors best Nanoleaf Alternatives .

Different lighting sequences can be created for linked panels or individual panels. Interestingly, you can configure the colour to vary depending on the day. If you enjoy waking up to bright light, the app allows you. Canvas comes with a tape that secures the lights to the wall.

It is tightly secured, so the tiles do not move if appropriately placed. Yet, if you are not preparing to stay in that home indefinitely, this might be a serious concern. As a result, utilizing the hanging technique to install the tiles does not create a simple cable management system. As a result, you must discover ways to organize the cable so that it does not interfere with your design.

The lights are expensive due to the uniqueness of the Nanoleaf Canvas Starter Kit. Furthermore, you cannot have all the features without breaking the bank. Aside from that, Canvas is a fantastic alternative to consider when purchasing Nanoleaf.

Why is this the best Nanoleaf alternative?

Because of its new features, such as the Rhythm Upgrade Module with inbuilt sound sensors that instantly pick up sounds, the Nanoleaf Canvas Starter Kit is the best Nanoleaf alternative.

The Nanoleaf Smarter Series App also allows you to customize the animations and colours. You may also use the manual controller or the voice control (Amazon Alexa, OK Google, or Siri).

4. ODISTAR Remote Control Hexagon 

best Nanoleaf Alternatives

Best Value

  • Touch-sensitive USB power supply
  • Compatible with additional items


  • Greater in thickness than Nanoleaf

While there are various alternatives to Nanoleaf, the ODISTAR remote control Hexagon Wall Light has additional options in addition to the 13 monochromatic modes. It has a quick-change mode, a slow-change mode, a brightness adjustment mode, a monochrome flash mode, and a timer function. Surprisingly, switching from one mode to another is simple with the remote control nanoleaf designs 9 panels reddit.

Another appealing feature is the USB power source, enabling users to connect the wall panel to a power bank, PC, or laptop. You won’t have any problems because the instructions are simple. The power supply will fit any gadget that has a USB port.

The ODISTAR remote Control Hexagon Wall Led Light is also touch-sensitive. You may change the colour of each panel by just tapping the middle. The distinctive geometric and minimalist design not only illuminates but also beautifies your home. You may mix the ODISTAR Nanoleaf with other Nanoleaf to create the best internal structure for your needs.

You may also use it in your restaurant, study, bedroom, living room, or hotel. So, if you have a favorite product, you can easily combine it with the ODISTAR Nanoleaf. Finally, if you don’t want to spend a lot of money on Nanoleaf and are looking for a low-cost light, the ODISTAR Remote Control Hexagon Wall Light is the best alternative right now best Nanoleaf Alternatives.

5. Nanoleaf Smarter Kit Rhythm Edition

best Nanoleaf Alternatives


  • Old products contains more panels.
  • Nanoleaf item
  • The lights respond to the beat of the music.


  • The cost is exorbitant.
  • Non-touch responsive
  • Only a triangular form is available.

The Nanoleaf – Rhythm Edition Smarter Kit is difficult to contemplate as an alternative to Nanoleaf since it is a high-quality product that deserves to be at the top nanoleaf canvas smarter kit. One of Nanoleaf’s standout features is its ability to integrate with an Alexa device for voice control.

Not many Nanoleaf lights have this one-of-a-kind function that allows you to control them with your voice. Furthermore, because it is a Nanoleaf product, the Nanoleaf – Rhythm Edition Smarter Kit isn’t an alternative to Nanoleaf. It includes an extension pack that allows you to expand your wall panel design anytime you have more money.

If you consider that is all the Nanoleaf Led Light – Rhythm Edition Smarter Kit offers, you are mistaken since the box includes 15 panels. However, the beginning kits are limited to a maximum of 9 panels. It also implies that you will have to spend extra to get these perks. The Nanoleaf Rhythm lets you create a spectacular audiovisual light and is easily mountable with the included adhesive pads. The Nanoleaf Rhythm is our top choice for the best Nanoleaf alternatives on Amazon nanoleaf rhythm edition smarter kit.

6. Koozam Smart Wall Led Light

Pros of Koozam Smart Panels

  • Sound has been enabled.
  • Lights may be customized and dimmed.
  • There are several ways to adjust the light.


  • Because of its size, it is not ideal for all wall types.

Unlike the Nanoleaf – Rhythm Edition, which reacts to music beats, the Koozam Smart Wall Led Light panels may be activated using sound. As you use it, the colours shift and dance to the music. The ability to manage the panel in various ways distinguishes the Koozam Smart Wall Led Light. Voice (through Google Assistant or Alexa), smartphone app, or touch are all options best Nanoleaf Alternatives.

Another alternative is to utilize the light panel’s included remote control. You can connect up to 1024 panel components without any problems. Furthermore, the light improves the mood of your space by adding a quirky appeal to your home. It’s very great to pick whatever colour that matches your mood.

Whether you’re pitching a party for friends or family, light helps you create the mood for the occasion. You may choose a more calming colour to unwind and relax. The tiles are all triangular, allowing you to customize them. Let your creativeness run rough as you create whatever is designable. You’re the artist, and the lights are your work of art.



  • 180 colour mood changer at a low cost
  • Broad compatibility
  • Environmentally conscious
  • Very dimmable


  • Only a triangular form is available.
  • Currently out of stock

Benexmart Smart LED light Panels light is an best Alternative to Nanoleaf. We believe it is one of the best alternatives because it is also less expensive than other Nanoleaf options. It looks like a jigsaw puzzle and is a pleasant and exciting way to spice up your game area with endless setups nanoleaf black friday.

The Benexmart app controls the vibrant colour palettes and responds to music. You may change the colour modes to suit your mood with the push of a button. When employing the music mood, though, the light responds to the frequency of the song you select. Even though the Benexmart software lacks the extensive features found in Nanoleaf, you may still choose from up to 180 auto-changing colour settings nanoleaf canvas.

It also allows you to select from various solid colors to match your mood. Furthermore, nanoleaf ideas you cannot select the colour of a certain tile. The smart light panel has a straightforward design that makes installation easy for beginners. Furthermore, the light’s low voltage and environmental protection make it suitable for youngsters. It may be used to adorn your bedroom, nanoleaf gaming setup, party, home, business building, hallway, stairway, workshop, performance, and café, nanoleaf desktop app, among other places nanoleaf panels.

8. LIFX Beam Seamless Light Module

LIFX is a famous brand with a smartphone app for its goods. Their cloud feature allows you to modify Beam’s settings from afar. However, you must first download the LIFX iOS or Android applications and connect to the beam over Wi-Fi to utilize this feature. It is also compatible with Alexa, Apple Homekit, Google Home, and comparable devices nanoleaf lights.

Are you having a bad day and need something to make you feel better?

This beam comes in a range of color combinations to provide you with the comfort you want. Choose any color from the 16 million options. LIFX, as fantastic and influential wall art, offers a variety of customizable zones that you may imaginatively design and bring to life with the beam. The varied light tones customize your area into various circumstances to fit that specific use. Increase the brightness if you need to get some office job done quickly. The color temperature range of LIFX is 2500K to 9000K.


  • Smartphone App 
  • RGB Color 
  • Temperature Range 2500K to 9000K 
  • Supports Alexa, Google Home, and other voice assistants
  • IFTTT Assistance 


When lighted up in your space, Nanoleaf panels are artistic and clever. They are available in distinct styles with outstanding high-tech features. Aside from their stunning appearance, they also improve your experience and beautify your home. Whether you want to spend hours working or gaming, Nanoleaf panel lights provide the energetic and fascinating effect you want nanoleaf shapes hexagon smarter kit.

While Nanoleaf was the initial brand, the market has seen the debut of Nanoleaf Alternatives. This post has listed the best Nanoleaf Alternatives on Amazon that you can acquire without breaking the bank. Surprisingly, the Nanoleaf Alternatives discussed in this article have advantages and disadvantages best Nanoleaf Alternatives.

Please let me know if you believe we have overlooked any Nanoleaf Alternatives. You may enter the choices you wish to add to this list in the comment area. 


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