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Outriders Demo How Do I Cross Save?

Outriders Demo How Do I Cross Save?

Outriders Demo How Do I Cross Save?

This Outriders Cross-Save guide will inform you how to cross save your progress
across different platforms like PC, PlayStation, Xbox.
Outriders demo came out with full support for crossplay and free upgrades for everyone
from previous generation consoles to next-gen ones.

So when we have all these features and capabilities from the developers, we can’t help
but think we have cross-save also enabled for all over systems. Nothing can beat the
fun of playing a round of Outriders and picking it right from your left at your PlayStation.
So let’s look at how to enable cross-save and how it works in Outriders.

Outriders Demo How Do I Cross Save? How does it Work?

Cross save in Outriders only works between the same devices in the same ecosystem.
This means that you’re saving can be moved from a PlayStation 4 to a PlayStation 5 &
Xbox One to Xbox Series S / Xbox Series X.

This is because the developers have promised free upgrades to next-gen for all owners.
This is very effective if you are playing the demo in the current-gen and planning to
continue the next-gen game once the game comes out. That means if you are on
Consoles, you cannot transfer the saved file to your PC and vice versa.

You cannot even move from PlayStation to Xbox, so players need to keep that in mind
before starting.

As an added step: on the Gameplay settings page, you can also change your Default Game Privacy. It will start as “Open,” which means anyone can join your game if they click on the “Join A Random Team” selection from Rift Town’s matchmaking garage terminal or the Lobby. If you don’t need visitors just popping into your game, you can change this setting to “Friends Only” or “Closed.” The former suggests that only your connections on your favored platform (for example, every of your Xbox friends if you’re playing on Xbox Series X|S or Xbox One) can jump into your game without getting previous permission. The following means that no one can get in without an invite.

Following the introduction, Outriders fully supports cross-play multiplayer so that you can play through the whole campaign solo, by a team, or a mix of both. If the demo is any sign, you will be ready to play through the game on your own without too much difficulty, though how easy that will be will mostly depend on which character class you pick.

So be intelligent: you can change your character’s appearance whenever you want, but once you choose a class, you’re stuck with it.

It’s worth noting that cross-play support is now in beta for the Outriders demo. So you may run into some connection issues while using cross-play. We allow cross-play support will be ironed out and finally ready to go by the time Outriders officially launches on April 1, although we don’t know that for sure.



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