Best 4K YouTube to MP3 Converter Alternatives Paid & Free

Do you want to extract audio from 4K YouTube videos using YouTube Downloaders?

Do you have any suggestions for a best 4K YouTube to MP3 Converter Alternatives? Don’t worry, and this post will provide you with six of the best alternatives to 4K YouTube to MP3 software, as well as for instructions on how to use them to rip YouTube audio. YouTube is home to a plethora of music videos.

A 4K YouTube to MP3 Converter can be helpful to extract audio from your favourite YouTube music video. It’s a YouTube audio downloader that’s compatible with Windows, Mac, and Ubuntu.

In addition to downloading YouTube videos in MP3, it also supports almost all popular websites such as Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr, etc. It is not recommended to download copyrighted content from YouTube.

Best 4K YouTube to MP3 Video Converter Alternatives

1. Musify Music Downloader is a free music downloader (Paid)

Best 4K YouTube to MP3 Converter Alternatives Paid & Free

Musify Music Downloader is a paid 4K YouTube to MP3 converter Alternatives. It can extract MP3 files from YouTube, Facebook, and over 1,000 other websites. This tool can maintain 100% original quality while providing fast downloading and conversion. This 4K YouTube to MP3 Video Converter can also convert video to FLAC, WAV, and M4A formats.

Here’s how you can get free music from YouTube.

Step 1: Get Musify Music Downloader, install it, and launch it.

Step 2: Copy the YouTube video link.

Step 3: Select MP3 from the format drop-down menu.

Step 4: Then, by clicking on the Paste URL, paste the URL.

Step 5: This tool will then begin the 4K YouTube to MP3 conversion.

2. YTMP3 (Free)

Best 4K YouTube to MP3 Converter Alternatives Paid & Free

The most recent 4K YouTube to MP3 converter is web-based, so installing software on your computer or phone is unnecessary.

Furthermore, this online service is compatible with any device, including computers, tablets, and mobile phones. Following the steps here to learn how to convert 4K YouTube to MP3.

Step 1: Navigate to the YTMP3 website.

Step 2: Copy and paste this YouTube video link into the box. Then select Convert.

Step 3. The file will be processed in a few seconds.

After that, go to this website and download the MP3 file. 

3. MiniTool Video Converter (version 1) (Free)

Best 4K YouTube to MP3 Converter Alternatives Paid & Free

MiniTool Video Converter is a video conversion software programme created by MiniTool. It may not be the most well-known video converter, but it is both powerful and free.

This software supports a broad range of video and audio formats and can complete all supported video and audio conversions in minutes.

Another characteristic of this tool is that it can convert video and audio files to be compatible with various mobile devices such as Apple, Android, Huawei, and Samsung.

Moreover, this tool adds a built-in 4K YouTube to MP3 Video Converter, allowing you to download and convert YouTube videos or playlists in any popular format without losing quality, such as MP4, WebM, MP3, WAV, etc. The only downside is that the program is only available for Windows.

Main Features

  • Over 1,000 video and audio conversions are supported.
  • Allows you to convert MP3 files to MP4, extract audio from videos, and download music from YouTube.
  • Convert various audio and video files at the same time.
  • Maintain the original quality of downloaded files while providing fast conversion and downloading speeds.
  • Provide preset profiles for Android, Apple, Samsung, and Huawei playback.
  • Now is the time to get this free 4k YouTube downloader!

Download for free

Following the installation of the MiniTool Video Converter, you will be presented with two options for converting 4K YouTube videos to MP3.

Start 1: Download and convert 4K YouTube to MP3 directly.

Start 2: Convert the 4K YouTube video you downloaded to MP3.

Start 1: Download and convert 4K YouTube videos to MP3 files.

Follow the instructions below to download 4K YouTube videos in MP3 format directly.

Step 1: Run the programme after it has been installed.

Step 2: On the MiniTool Video Converter main interface, click Video Download to the YouTube download page.

Step 3: Locate the royalty-free music you want by typing its name into the YouTube search box or pasting its video link into the Address bar. After that, press the Enter key.

Step 4: Once you’ve arrived at the video playback page, click the Download button hidden behind the address bar.

The download window then appears. To begin the conversion, select the MP3 option and press the DOWNLOAD button from this window. Audio from a YouTube video

Step 5: When the conversion is finished, click on Navigate to file to view the downloaded YouTube audio file.

To listen to the music, click the playback button next to Navigate to file.

Choice 2: Convert the downloaded 4K YouTube video to MP3 format.

If you download a 4K music video from YouTube using another video downloader, you could use MiniTool Video Converter’s video convert feature to extract MP3 from the 4K music video.

Here are the step-by-step instructions for converting the downloaded 4K YouTube video to MP3.

Step 1: After installing this software on your computer, launch it right away to access its main interface.

Step 2: Tick the Add Files button to browse and select the downloaded 4K YouTube video. Then you can open it.

Step 3: Click this icon in the Target tab to open the Output Settings window. navigate to the Output Settings window.

Step 4: On the Output Settings window, go to the Audio tab and select the MP3 option and the desired audio quality.

Step 5: When finished, click Convert to begin converting 4K YouTube to MP3.

Step 6: Once the conversion is complete, navigate to the Converted tab.

Click the playback icon on the thumbnail or tap Show in the folder to locate the converted MP3 file to play the music.

Try MiniTool Video Converter, the best accessible 4K YouTube to MP3 alternative, and get your favourite music in just a few clicks! 

4. ClipGrab (Free)

Best 4K YouTube to MP3 Converter Alternatives Paid & Free

ClipGrab is another 4K YouTube to MP3 Video Converter Alternatives. This is fits with Windows, Mac, & Linux. It can rip MP3 from a variety of video websites, including YouTube, Dailymotion, and others.

This YouTube song downloader provides the best video downloading experience, allowing you to complete the task quickly. Aside from MP3, the output format can also be MP4, FLV, WMV, or OGG. More importantly, you can free download any royalty-free YouTube video in MP3 format.

Step 1: Navigate to the ClipGrab website and click on Show all download options to select the version that is compatible with your computer.

Then follow the instructions to install this software on your computer.

Step 2: Launch the programme and paste the link to the YouTube video you want to convert into your web browser.

Step 3: Return to the ClipGrab window after obtaining the YouTube link.

Fill in the box with the copied link in the Downloads tab.

Step 4: Next, in the Format box, select MP3 as the output format, and in the Quality box, select the quality at which you want to save the audio.

Step 5: Finally, click the Grab this clip button and enter a file name. The downloading process will then begin. Wait a few seconds for the downloaded audio file to appear.

5. ClipGrab (Free)

As you may know, most 4K YouTube to MP3 Video Converter Alternatives work on computers and web browsers, but only a few 4K YouTube to MP3 alternatives work on Android devices.

In this section, I’ll discuss VidMate, a YouTube song downloader for Android. This app allows you to download video and audio content from YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter. Aside from downloading YouTube to audio, it allows you to watch free live TV online with over 200 channels.

Instantly, step by step, watch this guide to download a 4K video to MP3.

Step 1: Download the VidMate app from the VidMate website.

Step 2: After you’ve downloaded the app, tap on it to install it on your phone.

Step 3: To access the homepage, launch the app you just installed.

Step 4: From the homepage, navigate to the YouTube website by clicking on YouTube.

Step 5: Find the 4K video you want to convert.

When you’ve found it, click on it.

Step 6: Once you’ve reached the video playback page, you’ll notice a download icon at the top of the page.

Tap it to select the desired MP3 quality.

Step 7: Once the download is complete, look for the file in the download folder.

6. DVDFab YouTube to MP3 Converter (Paid)

If you’re looking for a feature-rich 4K YouTube to MP3 Video Converter Alternative, DVDFab YouTube to MP3 is the tool for you. It lets you download videos from over 1,000 websites.

YouTube videos can be downloaded in MP3 format with various quality options, such as 320 kbps, 192 kbps, 256 kbps,128 kbps, and 96 kbps. Furthermore, using AI, this tool can assist you in improving video quality. This software is $19.9 per year.

Here are the easy steps for converting 4K YouTube to MP3.

Step 1: On your PC, download and install DVDFab YouTube to MP3 Converter.

Step 2: Run it to get to the main interface, then select the YouTube option in the upper left corner of the window.

Step 3: Go to YouTube and search for the video you want to rip MP3 from or copy and paste this YouTube video link into the address bar.

Step 4. Then, you’ll notice three buttons on the screen: Add to, Play, and Download.

Press the Download button, then select the Audio Only option and the desired quality.

Step 5: In the My Music tab, go to Downloads and then Music to find the converted audio file.


To summarise, both paid and free 4K YouTube to MP3 converters are extremely useful and powerful. In this post, I hope you’ll be able to find your preferred and appropriate 4K YouTube to MP3 converter.

4K YouTube to MP3 Conversion FAQ

How to you convert a YouTube playlist to an MP3 file?

Select a YouTube downloader such as MiniTool Video Converter or ClipGrab. Locate a YouTube playlist that you enjoy and specify the output format. Convert the playlist to MP3.

Is Spotify a free service?

Users can listen to Spotify for free. They can listen to any music they want while watching advertisements. Free accounts, on the other hand, are unable to download Spotify music.

Where can I get free music?

Free music can be found on royalty-free music websites such as ccMixter, Incompetech, YouTube Audio Library, Jamendo, Musopen, SoundCloud, etc.

What are the best music download websites?

There are numerous music websites on the internet. Some of them, such as SoundCloud, Bensound, CCTrax, Audiomack, Internet Archive, Jamendo, and others, allow you to listen to music offline for free. 


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