6 Best FMV Switch Games in 2022

Try to find a FMV Switch game with better graphics than these.

One of the best games on the Nintendo Switch is its extensive game library, which includes hundreds of titles from practically every genre. From platformers to agricultural simulators, the console is jam-packed with fascinating experiences that you can play on the TV or in handheld mode.

FMV (Full Motion Video) fmv games contain genuine characters and places and typically need you to make key decisions that impact the tale. The genre was created in the 1980s. While it has never achieved the popularity of brawlers or puzzle games, it is nevertheless an exciting and frequently amusing way to experience the medium.
Most FMV games are absurd, but others may surprise you with their exciting tales and characters.

6 Best FMV Switch Games

1. Night Trap


Best FMV Switch Games

A young guy removes a cable from a box beside some drapes. Night Trap, released in 1992, is not a good game. However, it is a significant element of video game history. Night Trap’s material was deemed too violent at the time, and it, along with Mortal Kombat, was investigated in a Senate hearing in 1993, which resulted in the establishment of the ESRB.

Looking back, it’s hard to understand how Night Trap’s primarily off-screen violence generated such a sensation.
Most of the game is portrayed as a forgotten 1980s horror film that is more hilarious than terrifying. Over time, Night Trap has become a cult classic, and the 25th Anniversary Edition is the best way to enjoy the controversial FMV pioneer.

2. American Hero


Best FMV Switch Games

The FMV games genre peaked in the late 1980s but swiftly faded due to a lack of financial success in the market. Many games were either never finished or never released due to popular disinterest, and American Hero was one of them.

Originally scheduled to be released as an entire film and an interactive movie, American Hero stars Timothy Bottoms as an agent charged with preventing a terrorist from spreading a deadly virus. Although neither project was finished, the game was released in 2021 with recovered video and additional speech from the main character. Although certain parts are missing, American Hero is still a lot of fun to play and is ideal for anybody who likes corny action movies fmv games.

3. Bloodshore


Best FMV Switch Games

Bloodshore Tish and Gav appear terrified in a forest-like setting. The battle royale genre quickly dominated the market with the debut of PUBG in 2017 and continues to inspire many games, including Bloodshore. Bloodshore, like the famous 2007 film The Condemned, features a group of participants who battle for their lives and brutally slaughter each other as the audience watches and bets on a live stream fmv games.

You play Nick, a washed-up actor who must determine who to trust as you uncover the show’s sinister truths.
The game has almost eight hours of FMV film, and each option you make will lead you down a slightly different route, generally with bloody consequences. Bloodshore can be incredibly campy sometimes, but it stays fun regardless of the outcome.

4. Telling Lies


In a dark room, David sits on the side of his bed. Very few recent FMV games can compete with AAA titles in terms of plot, characters, and intrigue. Sam Barlow, who also created Her Story and Immortality, is one of the few creators constantly developing the FMV games genre with fascinating games like Telling Lies that deliver engaging storylines that are hard to put down.

As with Barlow’s other games, you’ll have to sift through a slew of video snippets to figure out what’s happening.
The four significant actors deliver some of the best performances in any FMV game. Learning the truth at the center of it is unlike anything else on the Switch FMV game.

5. The Centennial Case – Shijima Story


Haruka Kagami and Eiji Shijima pose next to each other. The best FMV game combines the beauty of the film with fascinating gameplay, and few games on the Nintendo Switch fit these requirements and The Centennial Case. It has gorgeous cinematography and performances and incorporates aspects from Ace Attorney and AI: The Somnium Files to create a riveting mystery from start to finish.

The Centennial Case chronicles a sequence of killings over a century. They are all linked somehow, and you will hop between 1922 and 2022 to solve them. Every set piece is well constructed, and full motion video immerses every scene. It’s another excellent example of how to use FMV successfully, showing that the genre is on the upswing.

6. Five Dates


In her living room, Saffron displays two tarot cards. If you don’t like action or intriguing mysteries, many FMV games have humorous tales and gameplay. The same team that created Bloodshore created Five Dates, but instead of surviving a battle royale, you must survive the deadly world of online dating.

Five Dates follows a man as he joins a dating app and discovers five prospective matches during the height of the epidemic when most people engaged online. As you hop between dates and cope with the difficulties of not being in the same room as someone else, it frequently seems like an interactive romantic comedy. It’s fun and full of surprises, and it may be played several times to experience alternative scenarios and endings.


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