12 Top Games for Long-Distance Friends and Family

Finding the perfect game to play with long-distance friends and family might be brutal. But don’t worry, I’ve got your back. I’ve selected 12 top games that keep you connected no matter how far you go.

Per game on this list provides a unique experience, whether you like painting, racing, or solving puzzles. I’ve produced a comparison chart to help you decide.

Each game has a rating out of five, reasons for selection, pros and disadvantages, and notable highlights.

This simple approach can assist you in rapidly finding the perfect game for your next virtual hangout. Are you ready to jump in? Let’s have a look at these games.

Game NameScoreWhy PickedProsConsHighlightsLink
Draw Something★★★★☆Artistic funEasy to play, creativeRequires drawing skillsGuess drawings, free on iOS/AndroidLink
Mario Kart★★★★★Action and adventureCompetitive, fun charactersLimited to Nintendo usersMultiplayer racing, free with in-app purchasesLink
Heads Up★★★★☆Interactive and humorousVarious categories, online playFast-paced, can be challengingFun guessing game, available on iOS/AndroidLink
Yahtzee★★★☆☆Classic dice gameSimple rules, strategicCan be luck-basedMultiplayer dice game, free on iOS/AndroidLink
Kahoot★★★★★Educational and fun quizzesCustomizable quizzes, interactiveRequires quiz setupGreat for group learning, free on iOS/AndroidLink
Quiplash★★★★☆Witty and humorous responsesSupports large audiences, very interactiveNeeds creative thinkingParty game, available on multiple platformsLink
Skribbl★★★☆☆Drawing and guessingCustomizable, multiple languagesDrawing skill requiredFree, supports up to 12 players, available onlineLink
Checkers★★★★☆Classic board gameEasy to learn, strategicCan be repetitiveAvailable on all devices, freeLink
Clue★★★★★Mystery solvingEngaging gameplay, strategicComplexity for beginnersDetective game, available on iOS/Android/PCLink
Psych★★★★☆Fun and revealingCreative answers, large player baseNeeds quick thinkingFree on iOS/Android, good for large groupsLink


Are you looking for online games to play with friends who live far away?

On this page, I’ve assembled a list of phone games, along with thorough instructions on how to play them and links to where they can be downloaded.

Finally, all you have to do is choose the one that performs best for you, download it, and start having fun with your friends!

Top Games for Long-Distance Friends and Family

1. Heads Up

Heads Up is a fun online game for distant family and friends, particularly the clever ones. It’s engaging, fun, and will laugh so hard you’ll pass out.

As the name indicates, the game involves players putting their phones on their brows while their friends attempt to explain what’s written on their card without speaking the word or anything slightly related to it!

You can guess the correct word before the next card appears. With various categories to pick from, including animals, celebrities, movies, dialects, and more, this game offers a lot of fun.

You may play this game online using Zoom or Google Meet, an excellent feature. Heads Up works on Android and iOS devices, like the other games examined above.


2. Draw Something (Classic)

This is one of the finest long-distance games if you have creative friends or family members.

Two players must draw an image of a certain word one after the other in the game. Finally, their companions must guess the topic of their drawing within a certain time range.

If you’re concerned about your drawing talents, go ahead and play this game ahead. It’s free to download from the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.


3. Mario Kart

Mario Kart is the way to go if you want to add some action and adventure to your game. In this game, you race against other players while collecting power-ups along the route.

Players may win or lose points based on their performance in a race or combat. To make the game more competitive, the game tries to pair players with comparable ratings.

There is no need to create a personal avatar in this game since you may adopt characters. It mostly involves Mario, Peach, Daisy, Toad, and other characters from the Mario series.

To play Mario Kart, you’ll need a Nintendo account, a stable internet connection, and a suitable smartphone – an Android or iPhone will suffice. The game may be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store, with optional in-game purchases available.


4. Yahtzee


Yahtzee is best suited to those who love dice games. Go ahead and play this game if you fit into this category and your distant friends love it as well.

There are five dice involved, and each player must roll the dice to get the maximum possible score in a game. Before the game is finished, each player is allowed to play 13 times.

However, you may roll up to three times every play, and the scores are recorded on a board after each roll. Finally, the scores are totaled, and the player with the highest score wins! It’s that easy!

Yahtzee is available for free download on both Android and iOS smartphones. You can also play it in your web browser.


5. Kahoot

Kahoot is the game to play when you’re in the mood for quizzes and have clever and geeky friends.

It’s a fantastic concept for educational fun games requiring you to answer trivia questions. You may create your quiz based on topics your friends might be interested in.

The game is easy to play. You simply need to create unique quizzes based on topics that your friends may be interested in. In exchange, they submit answers to the quizzes. The round is won by the player who has the most correct answers.

It makes no difference where your friends are situated. Once you’ve completed the quizzes, email them an invite link.

You may also play this game by organizing Facetime or Zoom meetings. This game is accessible for both iPhone and Android users. This is available for free download from the Google Play Store or the Apple Store.


6. Quiplash on Jackbox Games


Quiplash is the ultimate fun game. It is exciting, interactive, and offers high-quality entertainment to all players.

This game aims to demonstrate that you are the funniest or wittiest person in the group by providing the best replies. The more amusing your remarks, the more likely you will get all the points.

To play this game, at the start of each round, players are asked a question to which they must respond—finally, the audience votes on their favorite responses. You will get more points if you receive more votes.

This game has a fantastic feature in that it can accommodate between three and eight players at once and can have over 10,000 spectators. That’s a lot of work! And everyone is allowed to cast votes.

Furthermore, the game is not only accessible on cellphones, but it also works on computers such as Mac, Linux, and Windows.


7. Skribbl


Skribbl should be on your checklist for your next virtual game night with friends if you and they love to draw.

To play this game, per player takes turns drawing from the available alternatives in under 80 seconds. When not drawing, you must guess what other players are drawing and write it before they finish.

The more points you earn, the quicker you are. Finally, the individual with the most points wins the crown.

Skribbl significantly benefits a player’s ability to create his room with personalized words and drawing time. Once the room has been formed, you may send invitations to your friends.

Each room may accommodate up to 12 players. I love that the game isn’t only accessible in English. Other languages available include Korean, Italian, Tagalog, and Hungarian.

Skribbl is available for free download from the Google Play Store or the Apple Store for iPhone users.


8. Psych


Psych is an exciting online game that may be played with your friends and family. This game ensures fun and opportunities to learn new things about your friends.

To play this game, you must create fictitious responses to real-world questions. Your opponents are tasked with determining which of your fabricated responses is genuine. You get points for choosing the correct answer.

The game is free from the Apple Store and Google Play.


9. Checkers

Checkers is another fantastic board game to play with faraway friends and family whenever possible. Spice up this game by choosing a category like Fourth of July checkers, St. Patrick’s Day checkers, or Halloween Checkers.

To play Checkers, each player must make a move that eventually leads their opponent to their doom. This game works on all platforms and can be downloaded from the Google Play and Apple App Stores.

You may also play the game directly from your browser without installing any apps.


10. Clue

If you’ve always wanted to play Sherlock Holmes with your friends or family, Clue is the game.

To play this game, each player takes on the role of one of six suspects in a murder case and attempts to find out how the victim was slain, where the crime occurred, and what weapons were used in the murder.

Players search for murder clues by tactically moving around a game board that represents the rooms of a house. The characters, murder weapons, set, and solution cards are all shown in various colored pieces.

Every player also has access to a detective notebook, where they may keep track of the rooms, weapons, and characters. You may play with your friends on your Android or iOS smartphone and your PC.


11. Twenty Questions

Twenty Questions is a guessing game best suited for you and your friends if you love mental challenges. Simply think of anything here; the system will read your thoughts and ask precise questions.

The game is exciting and fun to play with your loved ones, particularly via Zoom or Google Meet. You may play it directly from the website by choosing your preferred language and letting the AI do what it does best: ask questions.

The software is also available for free download from the Apple and Google Play stores.


12. Kiss Marry Kill

With each round of Kiss Marry Kill, your friends or family will be giggling. The game may be played in either real-time or virtual mode.

To play this game, players must first pick three characters before deciding who they want to kiss, marry, and kill in the most heinous manner.

I love how the game reveals friends’ deepest feelings for one another. At the very least, you learn who has a crush on you, who would love to spend the rest of their life with you, and who would kill you.

The game is free to download from the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.


Best Online Games To Play With Long Distance Friends – Wrapping up


Distance should not impede having fun with distant loved ones. You can see that there are a lot of virtual games available for you to play.

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