How To Fixed Microsoft Minecraft Error Issue

How To Fixed Microsoft Minecraft Error Issue

How To Fixed Microsoft Minecraft Error Issue

Here’s a fast guide on how to fix Minecraft Error.

Minecraft is the most loved sandbox game of any time. There are a millions of players that have been playing this iconic game. Like other games, tons of players have been having an issue ‘’ while trying to play Microsoft Minecraft.

If you are facing issue while trying to access Microsoft Minecraft account, we have a couple of fixes that might permanently resolve this issue. This Minecraft error usually happens when players try to log in.

Thousands of players have reported issue, and that’s why we have decided to bring some fixes that you can try out.

What Is Error In Minecraft?

The error is relatively standard. The majority of Minecraft players often face this issue, but they don’t know its permanent solution. We all know how famous this game is, which is why people stick to this game despite having many issues.

You are bound to encounter error of which platform you are playing Minecraft. There are tons of PC, PS4, Nintendo, and PS4 users who reported the same bug on Reddit.

Without any more ado, let’s take a look at some fixes:

How to Fixed Error In Minecraft?

Irrespective of which platform you are utilizing to play Minecraft and having this error, we have made all right attempts to solve this permanently.

1. Crossplay Issue

Fixing crossplay issues is honest. You want to follow a few easy steps, and it will solve your crossplay issues immediately. Here some easy steps to start crossplay on your devices:


If you want to play Minecraft on Xbox devices, you should download it from its official store. To have a continuous experience, you will have to download Minecraft on both Xbox One or Xbox 360 to play it for remote play.

  • To make a remote play code, you will need to visit this link – Upon seeing this link, you will get the small play code. Ensure you have the Microsoft account log in with their free to use Microsoft account on this site.
  • Starting remote play on Xbox is very easy. Visiting the link – in highly suggest. Make sure to see this link from the device you need to try the remove play feature. To do so, make sure to have a Microsoft account at the feature. Login for the free account or create a new one.
  • You will have to open the remote play code, which you can view on your Xbox screen. Because soon as you started the code, the Minecraft game will be loaded.

2. PS4

If you are having the same issue at PS4, then you should watch these easy steps. This fix for PS4 is a bit similar to Xbox One.

  • The first thought to fix issue on PS4, is to visit the official PS store. After visiting the website, please search for the Minecraft game and download it. Make sure you have opted for this paid version of Minecraft. Okay, you can only use the remote play features in the paid version.
  • Once you bought Minecraft, start the game through your Microsoft account. Once you have done successfully logged in, you will take the remote connect data.
  • You can save the code from the PS4, which is very necessary to run the remote play feature. Try it out on your computer and mobile device. Visiting the little connect website to solve this issue is highly recommended.

3. Save File Problem

It is one of the most popular issues Minecraft players are facing nowadays. This issue can be solved by following a few easy steps:

  • You will get complete information through the storage settings on your device, and it is effortless for PS4 users. All you want to do is search for the ‘Settings’ icon and select and select Storage. There, you will find the saved files. The process is almost related for Xbox users as well.
  • Most of the players are facing this issue because of corrupted files. To fix this problem to use the remote play feature, you will have to delete those corrupted files. Make sure to get a backup before deleting these files.

These are some of the fixes that you can try if you are having aka. ms/remote connect in Minecraft. If none of those mentioned above fixes Microsoft Minecraft worked for you, let us know in the comment section below.

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