Five new Minecraft seeds for Bedrock Edition

Five new Minecraft seeds for Bedrock Edition

Five new Minecraft seeds for Bedrock Edition

  • A new batch of Minecraft Bedrock Edition seeds for players to explore.
  • Floating snow islands, rare confluences, and fossils await Minecraft adventurers.

Minecraft seeds are so various that it can be difficult for players to find the right one.

There are a large number of Minecraft seeds that players can choose from. With that being said, it can be challenging for players to sort through all of the different options.

Minecraft players who enjoy a particular biome or type of structure may be looking for a specific seed different from what another player may be looking for. This is all part of Minecraft’s beauty because there is plenty of variety to go around.

This article will show five new Minecraft seeds that players can try out for themselves in Bedrock Edition.

Five new Minecraft seeds for Bedrock Edition

2. Giant Portal in Stronghold

That is one giant portal!

Five new Minecraft seeds for Bedrock Edition

In this seed, players will be able to come across a colossal broken Nether Portal inside of a stronghold. Finding generated broken portals out in the world is rare enough as it is, let alone one of this size. Are there giants in Minecraft that players don’t know about?

Seed: -141882650

2. Fossil in End Portal Room

This seed has something that the average Minecraft player will not come across every day. Here, there is a fossil that is exposed to the interior of an End Portal room.

Five new Minecraft seeds for Bedrock Edition

Fossils are rare enough to encounter as is, let alone exposed and in the room that leads to Minecraft’s final frontier. It almost feels like there should be an achievement unlocked for finding something this rare and unusual.

Seed: 1849790897

3. Six Conjoined Rivers

This seed boasts a geographical marvel, with six different rivers all meet to form a single confluence. Typically, finding a river is not something that players will jump up and down about. They are relatively common and are generated all across millions of different Minecraft seeds.

Five new Minecraft seeds for Bedrock Edition

This seed is practically begging for a Minecraft builder to come along and build something remarkable to match it’s an incredible landscape.

Seed: 1075931152

5. Floating Ice Spike Island

Floating islands don’t like to play by gravity rules but are always stunning to come across and admire. This seed features a peculiar generation, with a floating snow island, almost impaled by ice spikes.

Five new Minecraft seeds for Bedrock Edition

It could perhaps be argued that the ice spikes are strong enough to support this island’s weight, acting as reinforced stilts. Either way, this is a rare find and has the potential to be transformed into a floating winter fortress by a skilled Minecraft craftsman.

Seed: -832798848

4. One Village with Two End Portals

There is not just one, but two End Portals in this single desert village. Upon first sight, this seems like any other village, and it’s nothing too fancy. However, there are two different End Portal rooms beneath the surface.

Five new Minecraft seeds for Bedrock Edition

Instead of finding a way to the End, players have the option between two different entrances. A wise Minecraft player may want to try transporting the ender’s eyes from one portal to the other.

Seed: -1065329203


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