Top 8 Must-Have Pasta Maker Tools At Home

Making pasta from scratch has a really special quality. Only two ingredients—usually flour and eggs, but sometimes flour and water, and even a dab of olive oil—can transform your boxed pasta dinners from “been there, done that” to the proudly homemade variety. Once you’ve mastered the dough, the possibilities seem limitless: long, thin spaghetti, cheese-stuffed tortellini, thick ridged gnocchi, a fantastic selection of sauces cooked in your favorite nonstick skillet…These recipes are perfect for weeknight meals, dinner parties, holiday feasts, and more. There’s a reason these tools are so popular on wedding registries: Too many pasta fans pasta salad recipe, they’re as necessary as a coffee maker or a dependable hand mixer—nearly vital.


Making pasta at home becomes much easier and more… [+] enjoyable when you have the right tools at your disposal—and it may even become a weekly affair.

Making pasta by hand is easier and more enjoyable than any other cooking job when you have the right tools. Just as you would need the necessities to start baking bread, your pasta-making armory requires a few items of vital equipment. Find our top tips below to make your pasta-making experience even more enjoyable pasta recipes.

A Beautiful And Pragmatic Surface For Easier-To-Knead Dough

You must find the right surface before mixing and rolling the dough. There is a better time for Pinterest-worthy marble or granite boards: Wood is typically used for making pasta, and not just because it makes everything look so rustic. Untreated wood absorbs extra moisture (hello, sticky dough) and provides a non-slip kneading surface. A traditional pasta board, which may also be used as a pastry board, includes a front lip to keep it secure and a back lip to protect flour and stray pieces of dough from getting on countertops chicken pasta recipes.

A Pasta Roller From A Beloved, Time-Tested Brand


2. MARCATO Atlas 150 Pasta Machine

$75$80SAVE $5 (6%)

Marcato, founded in 1930, has been a trusted manufacturer of pasta tools for decades, including a pasta maker highly recommended by the pros. The Atlas 150, hand-cranked, is a high-quality, feta pasta cheap machine that is dependable and easy to operate, according to chefs. It can roll dough sheets to ten different thicknesses and be used with a dozen attachments (available separately) to make various pasta forms. The body is crafted from chrome steel, and the rollers are constructed of anodized aluminum alloy, so it is built to last and can hold up after years of Pasta Maker tool.

A Wooden Drying Rack With Plenty Of Clearance For Longer Strands


Tools For Making Pasta
Crate and Barrel

3. Acacia Pasta Drying Rack Pasta Maker tool


While you can dry homemade pasta by laying it out on a baking sheet or parchment paper, placing the strands on a drying rack is the most effective and even way to prepare them for future meals. This acacia wood rack not only performs the job but also lends minimalist beauty to your flour-dusted kitchen surfaces for less than $20. The eight rods provide ample area for drying long noodles or large sheets, and the 11.5-inch height provides strands plenty of room to hang. A smooth oil coating keeps the dough from sticking and makes cleanup easy.

A Do-It-All Stand Mixer Attachment To Bring You Into The 21st Century


4. KitchenAid Pasta Deluxe Set 5-Piece Stand Mixer Attachment


The legendary KitchenAid stand mixer is a must-have for home bakers, but it can do so much more than mix cookie mixes and bread doughs—with the right attachments, it can also function as a meat grinder, spiralizer, and, yes, pasta maker. The add-ons, like the machine itself, are pricey, but harnessing the force of the mixer makes rolling out pasta less time-consuming and ensures consistent, smooth sheets. This stainless steel 5-piece kit includes a roller, four cutters for different pasta forms, and a cleaning brush.

Storage-Friendly Stainless Steel Cutters For Perfect Ravioli Every Time


5. Ateco Plain Edge Stainless Steel Round Cutters in Graduated Sizes

$15$24SAVE $9 (37%)

It is unnecessary to use fancy tools to cut ravioli; in fact, many home pasta makers prefer the versatility of graduated round cutters that can also shape cookies, biscuits, and other baked goods. Ateco’s versatile stainless steel cutters are available in various sizes, with fluted or non-fluted edges, and stack nicely together for storage. Of course, there are options for those searching for a more conventional tool—this Italian-made cutter wheel is crafted from wood and brass and comes in a set of two, one smooth and one ridged, to give you those picture-perfect ravioli edges.

A Pasta-Centric Cookbook To Fuel Your Inspiration

Tools For Making Pasta

6. Pasta: The Spirit and Craft of Italy’s Greatest Food

$24$40SAVE $16 (40%)

Without leaving your kitchen, take a master class in pasta-making. Missy Robbins’ book offers step-by-step instructions and matching drawings and guides you through 40 different pasta forms. Robbins’ book is more than just a pasta recipe book; it also includes 100 regional Italian and Italian-American foods, allowing you to prepare a whole meal.

A Useful Bench Scraper To Keep Your Work Area Clean


7. OXO Good Grips Stainless Steel Scraper & Chopper Pasta Maker tool


You’ll find yourself reaching for a bench scraper again and again as another versatile tool that makes managing pasta dough easier. Not only can it be used to scoop up sticky dough, but it can also be used to cut and trim. OXO’s version has a non-slip handle and a stainless steel blade with easy measuring lines.

An Ergonomic Gnocchi Board


8. Fantes Gnocchi Board


A gnocchi board is essential for creating uniformly sized pieces to hold your preferred sauce. This beechwood board from Fante’s, a Philadelphia-based kitchen company in business since 1906, is easy to hold and steady while you give your gnocchi its trademark sauce-catching ridges. It’s a simple Pasta Maker tool with great outcomes.

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