Tera Raids’ Top 10 Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Tera Raids in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet gather players together for far more difficult battles than those in Sword & Shield. Many raids are confusing and messy due to many connection issues, which may be irritating since your turn may be missed, and boss health bars often display incorrect information. Aside from the technical issues, Game Freak seems devoted to making the game challenging by introducing six- and seven-star raids.

If you wish to win, you must carefully choose your Pokemon and move them. For the highest raid levels, you must level your Pokemon to 100 and equip them with the appropriate movements. However, even if you’re new to the game, certain excellent Pokemon may make raids much simpler.

1. Miraidon 

Miraidon was made for usage in Tera Raids. Hadron Engine ability creates Electric Terrain for your group, which boosts all Electric attacks and causes you to be immune to Sleep.

Miraidon can lead a team to win since popular Electric-type attackers need the additional power boost. Few effective Physical Electric moves don’t necessitate a response. All Pokemon need to be awake and ready to attack. Therefore Miraidon, at the very least, assists them in doing so, which is often the distinction between winning and failing. Mix this legendary Pokemon with Iron Thorns and Iron Hands, Iron Thorns’ best friend, to create something great.

2. Kingambit

Kingambit is one of the best Pokemon in Scarlet and Violet, with a near-ideal balance of offense and defense. His triple vulnerability in Fighting restricts the raids in which Kingambit should be used, but the king has many other chances to shine.

Don’t worry about Kingambit’s somewhat weaker Special Defense; an Assault Vest will cure it, making it practically hard to KO when hit by non-Super Effective attacks. Once Terastallized, Kowtow Cleave and Iron Head give devastating STAB options that should be adequate to deal with any weak opponent.

3. Azumarill

With the advent of seven-star Charizard Tera Raids, the community needed a Pokemon that could withstand Fire and Dragon attacks while significantly damaging Dragons.

Azumarill, the best Pokémon to combat Charizard, has arrived. Even though Azumarill has ordinary stats, it can utilize Belly Drum and Play Rough, making it a strong Pokémon. If you leave Azumarill with three activities, share it with a Mirror Herb, and then bring both Pokemon on a picnic, you may know Belly Drum from an already-knowing Hariyama.

Liquidation and Add Misty Terrain to your moveset after that to give it additional choices and the ability to decrease an opponent’s Defense. Put on a Shell Bell, as you would for Iron Hands, and watch this blue Water mouse get to work. It is the best top Tera Raid counter you can acquire.

4. Iron Hands

Iron Hands is the best partner for Miraidon since it has a powerful combo of Belly Drum and Drain Punch. This distinguishes it from the majority of other Tera Raid choices. After reducing your HP with Belly Drum to increase your Attack, Drain Punch is the ideal approach to regain your health while simultaneously doing significant damage to the monster.

Iron Hands possesses an unheard-of 140 Attack and 154 HP, allowing it to absorb a hit after using Belly Drum and recover to total health with a single punch. If you must employ Thunder Punch, give Iron Hands a Shell Bell to receive a similar HP-recovery benefit while retaining Super Effective’s damage output.

5. Sylveon 

With actions like Light Screen and Helping Hand, this pristine Fairy-type Eeveelution is ready to help its friends, but it’s also fearless in handling things independently. 110 Special Attack Sylveons and 130 Special Defense are excellent, permitting it to function nicely in Tera Raids against Special Attackers with a common resistance to Special moves.

Sylveon may also utilize Calm Mind to boost its Special stats by one level. This makes it a formidable foe for Tera Raid favorites like Garchomp and Hydreigon. Whatever you make, it should be remarkable since it can be utilized in various ways, something Chansey can only dream of.

6. Chansey

The pink egg that protects Pokemon has little attacking strength in combat, but it’s an excellent method to remain alive if you don’t want to harm your team. Don’t be concerned if you’re still learning the fundamentals or don’t know how to attack in a certain Tera Raid.

Chansey is the solution. Light Screen, Heal Pulse, and Helping Hand are great tools for keeping your teammates safe, healing them, and assisting them. “Cheering” is generally limited to three times every combat. However, you may use these moves as many times as you wish. If you like playing support characters in previous games, Chansey is the best method to begin in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Tera Raids.

7. Iron Thorns

Even though Iron Thorns is relatively weak to Ground, its tremendous strength and ability to work effectively with other Electric-type Pokemon make it a great pick, especially against Tera-Flying monsters.

Iron Thorns has a massive Attack of 134 and can employ all of the elemental “Fang” attacks, Wild Charge, Stone Edge, and even Electric Terrain if a teammate isn’t there to set it up. Despite being vulnerable to Ground, Iron Thorns can withstand attacks from Electric, Fire, Flying, Normal, and even Poison due to its resistance to these types.

If you see that your team is dealing greater damage when you assist them with Electric Terrain, use this to swap roles. Because of the landscape, moves that make people yawn or sleep will not work on them even if they are not Electric-type.

8. Annihilape

Annihilape is one of Paldea’s best new evolutions. Its strong Rage Fist does much damage against weak Tera Raid bosses. You’ll have to be cautious where you send this spiteful Pokemon, but Annihilape will reveal what it’s made after a few hits.

When you combine Rage Fist’s stacking power with ‘Go All Out’ joys, your boosts will be tripled. This will do incredible damage, killing many bosses if they don’t have too many perks. If they have, your Rage Fist’s highest base power of 350 should be more than adequate to dispatch five-star monsters efficiently.

9. Flutter Mane 

The most difficult Tera Raids combine a survival game and a race against time to accomplish enough damage. Because it is a hybrid of the Fairy and Ghost types, Flutter Mane is immune to attacks from the Normal, Dragon, and Fighting types.

Flutter Mane is solely vulnerable to Ghost and Steel-type Pokemon. It has numerous strong Ghost moves and can even employ Mystical Fire to combat Steel-types. In Tera Raids, you may choose where to stand so that your Flutter Mane is in the best place to win with the least amount of hardship. 

10. Tinkaton 

Tinkaton, like Flutter Mane, excels in Tera Raids because of its resistance to nine types and lack of vulnerability to poison or dragon. Poison-type Pokemon are generally a nightmare for Fairy-type Pokemon, but Tinkaton dismisses them since it only possesses Fire and Ground vulnerabilities.

Tinkaton’s Attack stat is just 75, which could be better, but moves like Gigaton Hammer and Play Rough make it more than capable of doing damage. Steel Terastallization should also improve Tinkaton’s Gigaton Hammer’s overall work. Tinkaton can absorb hits if you need to convert to defensive mode, mainly if you utilize the “Hang Tough” cheer to expand its already outstanding defensive numbers.



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