How to Install Discord on PS4?

How to Install Discord on PS4?

How to Install Discord on PS4?

The Discord app has improved so popularly with gamers that it doesn’t need any introduction. Discord stands as one of the great platforms for video, audio, image, and text communication with users, with millions of users worldwide. That is well-known that Discord can be installed on PC and many different platforms. Yet, can it be used on PS4 consoles as well? This article will assist you in setting up. 

Install Discord on your PS4 so that you can discuss with your friends on Discord while playing your favorite games on this console.

Using Discord on PlayStation 4

Unhappily, the Discord app currently doesn’t support the PlayStation 4 console. Still, from the aspects of it, things could change sooner rather than later.

Discordians worldwide have been mailing requests and opening dozens of topics on Discord’s official Support page, challenging for developers to make the PS4 version of the app

Well, Since Discord pays close consideration to the community’s requests and complaints, we could take the official Discord app for PlayStation 4 also many different consoles.

Does that mean that you want to wait for the app to be released to use Discord on PS4? Not. There is but a way to use Discord on your PlayStation 4, granted that you have all the required equipment. That could get longer to set up, but it will be worth it.

For, if you want to follow the tutorial here, you want to buy a headset by an optical cable and support any USB connection. You will require a MixAmp or related device to switch audio in your PC and PS4. For example, you can use the A40 TR headset among the MixAmp PRO TR is proven to be the right combination for this setup type.

Apart From these two items and the cables that run on them (3.5mm Aux Splitter, 3.5mm Male to Male, 3.5mm to 3.5mm by Volume), you will want to install Discord on your PC.

Once you have acquired all the essential things, it’s time to set everything up. Now, Let’s start with connecting your PS4 console with your MixAmp. Here is everything you want to do.

As newcomers, go ahead and power on your PlayStation 4 console. Here, Attach one side of the optical cable to your PlayStation 4 and the difference to the back of your MixAmp. 

Well, You should make sure that your MixAmp is fixed to Console mode. 

Imagine you’ve connected everything successfully. Therefore, Your headset will be charged as a USB device. You can view a message on the screen notifying you about this. If its done, navigate to your PlayStation 4’s Settings and observe these steps:

How to Install Discord on PS4?

Scroll down and choose the ‘Sound and Screen’ option.

Select the Audio Output Settings.

Choose this Digital Output Port and change it on Optical.

This is recommended that you choose the Dolby 5.1 channel.

Choose Audio Format and choose Bitstream (Dolby).

Go back to the initial ‘Settings’ screen and choose Devices. Then, Open Audio Devices. Assure that the Output to Headphones is set to Chat Audio.

Here, it’s time to connect everything to your PC—power on your computer. And now, Plug one side of your USB cable into your MixAmp, and the different one into your PC. Assure that your MixAmp is now in PC Mode.

Well, Open the Discord app on your PC. Then, Navigate to Settings.

Choose the Voice and Video option.

In the Input Device section, select the headset that you’re using.

Now, Leave this Output Device set to Default.

Tap Done to complete. Well, You should now be ready to speak through Discord and use your PlayStation 4 audio simultaneously.

What to do if it yet Doesn’t Work

That won’t be feasible for you to try any other audio playing on your computer. It is because your 

PlayStation 4 is getting the first audio source on your MixAmp. Fortunately, there’s an easy fix to this issue.

All you require to do is plug your 3.5 to 3.5mm cable into this Speaker port on your PC and the AUX port on your MixAmp. Turn the Output Device of step number 7 on Speakers, and voila – problem resolved.

Talk over Discord While Enjoying Your Favorite PlayStation 4 Games

By these steps, you can play now your favorite PlayStation 4 games while utilizing Discord at the same time. 

This setup might take a little longer, but it will be worth it.

The method will have to serve until the official PlayStation 4 version of the app comes to life.

Will I use the web browser of my PS4 to log into Discord?

Logging into Discord from PlayStation’s default browser shouldn’t be an issue. Yet, once you open a game or a different app, you’ll lose audio, so it’s not an ideal solution.

Is there a PS4 app for Discord?

There is not a native app for Discord on the PlayStation app store at the time of writing.

Will I link my PS4 account on Discord?

Not correctly, including not as you can with PC and Xbox. There are third-party apps available that do this claim, which may be deserving of checking out. Should you manage to set everything up? Which headset and MixAmp are you using? Tell us in the comments below.


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