Top Android App development trends to follow in 2024 and Beyond

Smartphones using the Android operating system are highly sought after, boasting a selection of over 3 million downloadable applications.

Developed by Google, Android rules the mobile and smart device world with 85% market share, and it is one of the preferred choices of customers due to its ease of use and convenience.

There is an app for everything that can be done from a smartphone.

Google Play Store offers millions of apps for different Android-powered smartphones, such as games, social networking sites, web browsers, and everyday tools like calendars, calculators, torches, and more.

A renowned Android and custom iPhone app development company states that the number of applications on the Google Play Store will soon rise above 5 million in the upcoming years.

With the number of Android users rising, this growth is imminent, and applications will be more advanced in the forthcoming years.

Android Applications – Developing a user-friendly interface for an enhanced experience


Android applications garner the most attention due to their ease of use.

These apps are not only accessible for the users to use but also easy for developers to develop compared to other operating systems.

Android will become more user-friendly in the coming time, and it is all set to lead the app market in the future.

This OS from Google is also good at adapting to new trends in response to increasing service demands.

2023 has brought many advancements in technology, and 2024 will get more, and better development channels will take over the conventional means for better user experience and data security.

For this reason, trends will also evolve with time and will directly affect the Android ecosystem.

If you hire a custom Android and game app development company best suited for this change, you will surely evolve with new trends.

Renowned app developers also state that the shift towards blockchain and metaverse technology will create a rise in new user demands.

So, everyone in this industry must brace themselves for the upcoming years.

Android App development trends to follow in 2024 and Beyond

As we can observe the rise in demand for Android applications and their evolving trends, it is best to discuss what development trends will be followed in 2024 and the upcoming years.

For this reason, we will share all the latest Android app development trends you need to follow while developing your app this year and next. So read on and learn.

Blockchain technology

Blockchain tech is an Android app development trend that brings new possibilities.

This cutting-edge technology has many benefits, such as enhanced privacy, transparency, speed, and more.

This will enable decentralized application development, taking smartphone applications and uses to another level.

By using blockchains like Ethereum for storage purposes, your data security can be guaranteed.

Blockchain will also enable safe and secure transactions of assets, directly influencing other industries in the process.

Augmented and Virtual Reality

Augmented and virtual reality will dramatically impact the tech industry in 2023, significantly influencing the upcoming years.

Although they have been around for some time, users have not explored their proper integration and application entirely.

With the world in the metaverse fever, it is about time augmented reality shows its true potential and enables users to enjoy the possibilities it brings to this world.

VR will enhance human interaction and take user experience to another level.

AR/VR will forever change the sports, gaming, healthcare, education, eCommerce, and real estate industries.

Android apps for foldable devices

Statista reports that 2023 has shipped around 50 million foldable devices.

This presents a unique opportunity for all Android app developers to develop a mobile app that can support a foldable device in 2024 and beyond.

Make sure your app is state-of-the-art and runs smoothly on all foldable devices.

Developing instant apps

Instant apps have been around for some time but have become more prevalent in 2023.

Instant apps allow users to access a part of the app without needing to download it, as their purpose is to provide a soft taste of that application.

It also enhances user experience by increasing the convenience of shopping.

Different startups and even established ecommerce companies can develop such apps to get more users to buy their products.

Cloud-based apps

Cloud-based apps enhance data security and accessibility, as users can easily access data anywhere.

Android app developers focus on cloud computing and cloud-based applications, which enable them to upload extensive data.

This way, operating applications can become more accessible with much available space in the cloud memory.

Wearable Apps

Wearable devices such as smartwatches, bands, bright clothes, and other devices with sensors.

Wearables Apps are developed as software support for wearable device integration in a smartphone.

They provide valuable data such as heartbeat, daily steps, calorie burn, distance, etc.

These apps use Android SDK but also employ better design and functionality.


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