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FIFA 18 on Switch sees like the best Mobile FIFA Game ever

FIFA 18 on Switch sees like the best Mobile FIFA Game ever

FIFA 18 on Switch sees like the best Mobile FIFA Game ever

Now EA is showcasing FIFA 18 on the Switch at E3, including what we’ve seen so far makes it seem like the best mobile FIFA game ever.

While FIFA 18 on the Switch doesn’t the whole current-gen experience — it’s missing some features moreover isn’t based on the Frostbite game engine — it’s running smoothly on the console, the related FIFA gameplay as you’d get on home consoles.

EA Sports has been trying to bring the FIFA experience to the portable business, both iOS and Android versions and with more great PlayStation Vita and 3DS versions.

Although FIFA 18 on the Switch is the first time, the game watches and plays like a FIFA game. This doesn’t have the latest bells and whistles as the PS4 and Xbox One versions do. However, you can play it on the go and get near to the same experience as a home console.

We had no reservations about FIFA 18, given how it appeared to be a stripped-down version of the game that’s based upon older technology. Furthermore, when it goes to the actual gameplay, it should satisfy any soccer enthusiast out there — it’s the best mobile FIFA game always.

The game won’t include the popular Adventure mode on the Switch, although it will consist of the Ultimate Team mode also most of the other modes present in PS4 and Xbox One editions of the game.

Also, if it comes to the technology under the hood, EA requires that everything is custom — this’s a brand new game engine designed especially for the Nintendo Switch and runs the game at 60 frames per second. And we can attest to that: the game runs easily with no framerate drops.

We’ll have more coverage of FIFA 18 at E3 later this week. This game will be coming to the Switch and different platforms on September 29, 2017.


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